Richard Parquette

Bayfield County Sheriff’s Department

A 28-year veteran of law enforcement, having served his last 17 years in Bayfield County, Corporal Parquette received his final call on Tuesday, September 10, 1996.

Corporal Parquette received a call for “vandalism.”  He immediately drove to the scene of the complaint, and was led up a set of stairs by an unknowing girl.  On his way up the stairs, Corporal Parquette was shot 30 times.  His murderer then went back into his apartment and killed himself.  No motive was ever discovered for this brutal act.  Corporal Parquette left behind a widow, Ms. R.L. Parquette, two daughters, Tracey Brewer and Terri Smith, and a stepson, Steven Prevost.

While there were no witnesses to the shooting, many believe he gave his life protecting the young girl, whom was not physically injured in the attack.  His fellow officers all agreed that he would have repeated his actions, even if he knew the outcome.